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Polybanderous Productions is a Seattle, WA based music & video production and management company. Offering management, composition, arrangement, design, studio/stage accompaniment, mentoring, consulting, and audio/video production to individuals, bands, or businesses. Current projects and collaborations can be found on the projects page. The company was founded to help musicians willing to take a chance with a unique artistic vision.

The company is owned & operated by Bradford King. A singer/songwriter, composer, arranger, producer, and multi-instrumentalist with 20 years of experience in live performance, studio recording, graphic design, band management, and production. Over the years, he has toured nationally, performed locally at notable venues like The Showbox, El Corazon, The Crocodile, Neumos, Barboza, The Substation, The Funhouse, and CenturyLink Field (for the Seahawks game day opener), and has been featured on the television series Band In Seattle.






Music Production

Improvisational creation of sax and/or vocal concepts for businesses and artists alike. Studio currently equipped with a Shure SM7 mic, Apogee Duet, Maschine Mikro MK2, ProTools 12 with Slate and iZotope software plug-ins.

video production

Editing and filming for business video projects. Will partner with Kevin Fine of the Seattle Film Institute and willing to work on a budget.

 band management

Consulting, management, booking, and mentoring for bands and or musicians of any genre.

LIVE performance (Studio/Stage)

Alto/Tenor/Baritone sax, male vocals, or rhythm guitar provided for your next project or show. Combined ten years of experience in performance on stage and in-studio with local bands: Eric Blu & the Soul Revue, Letters From Traffic, Fast Nasties, Spicy Tunas, The Freams, Lady Justice, Herb & Jellyfish, Madness Blooms, Super Geek League, and in a solo capacity for Gigs4U.

GRAPHIC design

Creation of marketing materials for your business using Illustrator and Photoshop. Band posters, illustrations, t-shirts, and logos are a speciality. View a portfolio of designs here.




All rates are negotiable. Flat day rates and per-song or per-project options are also available, call or email for details using the contact form.




Creation, transcription, and arrangement of musical scores or parts for bands, individuals or companies.



Providing in-studio alto, tenor, baritone sax, and/or male vocals at the studio of your choosing. Also able to provide parts from a home studio through the use of ProTools 12.





Use of ProTools 12 and a Shure SM7b mic to provide male vocals in musical numbers or voice overs. Add backing vocals to your track or combine this service with composition to add an original melody line to an existing riff. Male vocals for voice overs in advertising.



Video editing and arrangement services provided using Adobe Premier.





Use of Illustrator or Photoshop to create your band marketing materials. Including logos, show posters, business cards, stickers, or social media content.



Advice for creating and maintaining clear goals pertaining to a band or music business in the Seattle music scene. Mentoring is the best way to improve the health of any community so just reach out and I’ll happily share my experience and perspective.






Melancholic Alternative Rock

Melancholic Alternative Rock







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